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My Love of Cats

"Stately, kindly, lordly, friend, condescend here to sit by me, and turn glorious eyes that smile and burn, golden eyes, love's lustrous meed, on the golden page I read.
All your wonderous wealth of hair, dark and fair, silken-shaggy, soft and bright as the clouds and beams of night, pays my reverent hand's caress back with friendlier gentleness."
Algernon Swinburne, English Poet

Maybelline joined my household on election day, 1992. Unbelievably, he is from a litter of orange tabbies. Strange genetics in action! In addition to his stunning good looks, Maybelline may well be the smartest cat I've ever known. Favorite pastimes: Being admired and brushed, and playing with a length of soft aquarium tubing.

"A charm of cats is that they seem to live in a world of their own, just as much as if it were a real dimension of space."
Harriet Prescott Spofford, American Novelist & Poet


Yoder was a barn kitten from a neighboring farm who, with great determination, charmed his way into being a house cat. He had a winning personality and an easy going manner. Yoder had become quite stout over the years and at one point weighed in at a whopping 18.8lbs! In the last years of Yoder's fine life he was diagnosed with feline diabetes and became insulin dependent, requiring 2 shots per day. His health improved on insulin and he tolerated his "pokes" very well. In November of 2004 he suffered what appeared to be a stroke & passed on after a long and difficult week. We miss him dearly.

PLEASE, have your pets checked for high blood glucose levels next time you are at your vet's office. Diabetes in dogs and cats is very treatable. Here is a link to The Feline Diabetes Message Board, an invaluable network of support for folks who have a diabetic cat:

" is better, under certain circumstances to be a cat than to be a duchess of the realm ever had more faithful retainers or half so abject subjects."
Helen Winslow, American Writer

GRIZABELLA was dumped on my back stoop on a freezing day in February nine years ago. She was ill, frost-bitten and quite pregnant. She recovered quickly and gave birth to seven healthy kittens. All her babies found loving homes where they were neutered or spayed and kept inside. Grizabella now lives in the lap of luxury and enjoys being the "Queen of the Kitties". Favorite pastimes: Eating and snoozing.

"How many times have I rested tired eyes on her graceful little body, curled up in a ball and wrapped round with her tail like a parcel... if they are content, their contentment is absolute; and our jaded and wearied spirits find natural relief in the sight of creatures whose little cups of happiness can be so easily be filled to the brim."
Agnes Repplier, American Essayist

1994 TO 1999

Pixie left me in the Spring of 1999 after a slow decline from brain cancer. She is dearly missed and will remain in my heart forever.

1994 - 2001

"Always, may you feel your loved one's presence in your heart, Always, may you trust that you are never far apart, Always, may the precious joys you shared shine strong and true, Always, may each memory bring peace and strength to you."
By Emily Matthews